City Winter Walking
We believe in more convenient and fashionable ways
to walk safely in cities during the winter
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We believe many accidents could be prevented

Winter slip & fall accidents are a matter of public health

No matter your age, fitness, experience of the winter environment, you are exposed to sudden slip and falls when walking on icy roads & paths during winter.
It can result in serious injuries, long recovery & treatments.

(*Worldwide estimations)


Many solutions but only a few uses them during winter

Several solutions exist to prevent slip & fall accidents, but they all have common issues. They are either inconvenient, unfashionable, dirty, expensive, or even dangerous if not removed when walking indoors.  For these reasons, people prefer not to use them.

We started from zero: Why is ice slippery?

We went back a few steps in the process of building the best grip and we studied the physics of slippery ice. We then imagined a new solution from the ground up, keeping in mind safety and style. Our goal is to provide a safe solution that people actually want to use.

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Advisors, Investors & Researchers,
We need you.
In order to prevent more people from falling on ice & snow, we are looking for advisors and financial support . We also started building partnerships with Research Laboratories and Universities in the Nordics.

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