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We believe in more convenient and versatile solutions to prevent slip and fall accidents.

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Safety For Everday Life

More than 5 million slip and fall accidents happen every winter, worldwide.
The resulting cost for the society goes beyond 10 billion €.

Most of existing solutions, such as add-on spikes, are efficient but inconvenient.

Northern Grips combines increased safety with convenience and discretion,
providing you with solutions that you will use without having to think about.

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What makes our products unique

A Material With Superpower

You won't believe it until you try it. It literally bites into the ice thanks to milions of microscopic glass fibers embedded into the special rubber compounds.

Thanks to an advanced manufacturing process, the fibers are integrated in the core of the rubber, not only at the surface, providing constant grip performance during the patch lifetime, even when the patches wear out. 

Barely Noticeable

The first reason why people don't use common solutions: it affects their style.

We designed our products to be attached under the sole, to blend with your shoes style and be almost unnoticeable.

This allows you to be safe and stay yourself.

Always Ready

The second reason: People find inconvenient to have to install and remove the add-on grips everytime they switch from indoors to outdoors.

Our grips are made to be installed once, and will be always ready with you from your first steps outdoors. You can safely walk indoors and it won't make any noises.

Also, it is driving compatible!

A Simple Mission - Making Winter Safer.

We live in Finland and experience harsh winters every year.

We understand the struggle and how people's mobility can be affected. Some fear going outside, then becoming more sedantary which can lead to indirect health issues.

We want to bring back your freedom and mobility all year round.

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Take a role!

We understand we can't promise 100% protection. Our aim is to mitigate the risk, lower annual costs, and lessen the pain.

You can take part in our efforts. Whether you invest a bit in your safety now, or take a risk until it becomes too late, we'd appreciate if you let your friends know about Northern Grips. It costs nothing, and may save thousands.

And if you've got an idea how to support our mission, just let us know on You know your city better than we do.

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