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Making Winter Walking Safer

Icy streets cause millions of accidents each year

We believe many of those could be avoided 
without compromising your style or comfort

Fashion meets Safety with Northern Grips

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A Global Issue Worth Attention

A Painful Bill

Fashion or Safety?

I will try this

They support our mission

For City People

Ice is not only on the Everest, it also reaches Helsinki, Toronto or New York City.

You dress differently for a meeting and for climbing a mountain.
That's why you need adapted solutions.

You no longer need to feel ashamed wearing ugly winter grip.
We've got your back!

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The Winter Grip Reinvented

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A Material With Superpower

You won't believe it until you try it. It literally bites into the ice thanks to milions of microscopic glass fibers embedded into the special rubber compounds.

Thanks to an advanced manufacturing process, the fibers are integrated in the core of the rubber, not only at the surface, providing constant grip performance during the patch lifetime, even when the patches wear out. 

The Perfect Combination

The Ice Grip rubber pads are not the only high-performance elements in our patches. 

The Snow Grip base is made of a rubber compound specifically made for winter conditions. It won't harden in low temperature and will ensure great adherence on snowy grounds. 

Combined with a carefully selected resistant adhesive, the product will stick to your soles even in harsh winter conditions.

One Size Fits All

The SmartFit design has been developed by studying hundreds of shoes in different sizes.

The main patch elements can be divided in sub-elements that can easily fit your shoes, providing efficient grip in key pressure areas while ensuring great walking comfort.

The Small model has its heel part specifically adjusted to also fit some small heels of women's shoes.

3 Reasons To Choose Northern Grips

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Take a role!

We understand we can't promise 100% protection. Our aim is to mitigate the risk, lower annual costs, and lessen the pain.

You can take part in our efforts. Whether you invest a bit in your safety now, or take a risk until it becomes too late, we'd appreciate if you let your friends know about Northern Grips. It costs nothing, and may save thousands.

And if you've got an idea how to support our mission, just let us know on You know your city better than we do.

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