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Collection: Winter Grips

Every step matters on our journey to make winter walking safer. We all can predict and avoid many dangerous slip & fall accidents, but there is always some black ice catching us off guard.

In Northern Grips, we understand there is nothing like 100% protection. Even with that in mind, we developed fashionable winter grips you can use with your favourite shoes. And they are very convenient as nobody sees them on your shoes when walking, you can take them indoor, and in fact, you just put them on and then focus on whatever more important you need to.

We believe in little steps having a huge impact potential. Whether it's on a parking lot, when stepping out of the local post office, or when rushing for a meeting down the city's busiest street, none of us can predict which of the steps will be the unlucky one. Half a day spent on doctor appointment? Wrist or hip fracture requiring a surgery? Protect yourself and your loved ones - order now.

Better safe than sorry.

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