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About Helsinki Grip™

Helsinki Grip is designed to fit most flat soles and some slightly textured soles. We recommend you contact us if you have any doubt about compatibility with your treads.

The design and shape are suitable for dress shoes (or similar) and select sneakers.

Boots with deep treads will not be suitable as the adhesive wouldn't have large enough surface to adhere to. You may consider our No Adhesive solution and a strong glue for boots.

The adhesive is not compatible with leather soles. This type of soles, being porous, let the water reach between the sole and the adhesive layer, resulting in a premature detachment.

To properly attach Helsinki Grip™, the heels need to offer a minium contact surface of about 35mm in width and 45mm in length (W: 1.38in x L: 1.77in).

If the heels are too narrow, it becomes difficult to safely attach the heel element. It also wouldn't provide a significant stability improvement, hence we don't recommend using the heel grips in such case.

However, you would still benefit from the front element of the grip attached to your soles, but wouldn't get the best possible performance of our grips.
In any case, it is a good step towards safer winter walking. If you intend to use this type of shoes during the winter time and care about your style, it would be a wise decision to try our grips.

Helsinki Grip™ is meant to be placed on one pair of shoes.

Because of the nature of the adhesive, it wouldn’t be possible to repeat equally strong attachment after removal.

Removal is possible, but please mind that there might be some adhesive residue left - depending on your sole type and the way you remove them (as with any other sticker-like product). It is a trade-off for the great attachement this adhesive provides.

Our grips have been developed to remove the worry of forgetting them at home or in your bag, as well as the need for taking them off whenever stepping inside. It also means that you don’t need to remember putting them on whenever stepping back outside. There is also no issue driving a car with them, which can help you with stability on parking lots (cause of ≈ 20% injuries).

While they are on, they also help you extend the lifetime of your soles, so it is recommended to keep them on your shoes as long as possible.

We have evaluated comfort and safety on other surfaces than ice. Based on our tests, we can confidently share that there hasn’t been a single moment of feeling unsafe - walking through malls, stores, and public transport areas more or less daily.

When the product is newly placed, there is a slight difference you can feel in indoor areas, similar to what you experience with some new rubber-soled shoes.

Please do always maintain a careful walking pace. Pay special attention when passing through construction sites with metal walking paths covered with snow.

When keeping a normal walking pace, there is very low probability of leaving any significant marks. Any stones stuck in your soles present greater risk to the floors.

It is therefore fine to walk through any standard public indoor areas, such as shopping malls, public transport stations, etc.

For private indoor areas, we recommend assessing the situation case by case and deciding whether it is safer for your floors to remove your shoes before stepping in. 

The material can have a slight abrasive behavior that may mark some types of floors, especially if you attempt to do so (e.g., soft wooden floors). However, as mentioned above, there is hardly more danger to standard floors than what small stones stuck between the lugs of your soles would cause. In fact, those small stones would be more dangerous than our grips. 

The lifetime of Helsinki Grip™ will depend on the usage pattern, the type of floors the user walks on, and the type of soles on which it is attached. It should last at least 250-300km / 155-185 miles with a proper attachment. It will likely last longer but we cannot guarantee any specific lifetime for the reason mentioned above.

Based on our team's and test users' experience, the grip has been tested for more than 2 months in daily use (7 days per week), still remaining safely attached to the shoes and providing increased stability on ice.

We are continuously testing our products to ensure the lifetime and improvement in stability will be the longest possible. As a part of our efforts, we have been cooperating with the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland in Geneva (HEPIA) to find the best possible option for the adhesive we use.

One important step to ensure the longest possible atthachement of your grip is to follow our cleaning and installation instructions carefully. These instructions are fairly easy and can be done with common household items available, such as cleaning products/soap and a brush. The instruction manual is included in every package (other than English language version are available on our website - see Instructions).

Please note: If you leave dust and removable dirt on your soles, or if you don't dry them properly, the adhesive will not last long. Proper attachment process takes approx. 15-30 minutes + the recommended rest time for adherence.

It is possible to use adhesion promoters/strengtheners.

Our grips use a SmartFit design and fit wide range of sizes. It allows users to decide whether they place the grips more towards the center of the sole, or cut it in pieces (along the pre-defined lines) to spread the grips towards the edges of the sole.

We would recommend the Small model for size range UK 5.5-10.5 (transferred as an equivalent to EU 36/37 - 40/41). The Large model would be UK 7/7.5-13 (based on EU 40/41 - 46). We have tested these fits in shoe stores on dozens of samples from various brands of flat-soled shoes and sneakers.

The Small model has its heel part more suitable for high-heel shoes and is generally smaller as it was designed to also fit women's shoes. The Large model was designed to fit men's dress shoes, but is also suitable for some sneakers and larger-sole women's shoes.

Neither model is strictly gender-specific. You can always contact our support, should you wish to ask about specific measures.

Shoes selection is a rather personal choice and we do not want to limit people to one type of shoes. We prefer providing a product that is easily attachable to the shoes of your choice and let you decide on your style while improving your safety discreetly and in a convenient way.

At this stage, we are mainly focusing on city footwear with flat soles or very low tread. These types of footwear are still commonly used by people in cities even during the winter. They are the most slippery, but with Helsinki Grip™, you can enjoy significantly improved stability on icy grounds, which leads to increased safety of winter walking.

We are planning to expand our range of products in the future to fit additional types of footwear with non-flat soles. 

Currently, we also offer a No Adhesive solution that lets you attach our grips to any footwear with a glue of choice. It is still recommended to use flat soles to have the glued surface as large as possible.

Yes, you can always use traditional spikes to improve your stability on ice even more. Our grips will already help you in situations where you cannot or don’t want to wear the spikes.

Our grips are currently made in China then sent to our premises in Finland where we proceed with thorough quality check. We pack each item in a packaging that is made in Europe.

No, only the winter grip is included. No boots or shoes will be included in your purchase.

We've had similar questions, so we want to make it clear for all. :)

The grip material we use was also specifically designed for traction on wet ice. In general, we don’t totally compete with metal spikes which should usually provide even better traction. However, they can become useless or dangerous when stepping on a thin layer of black ice or on hard indoor surfaces, which can also be very noisy and embarrassing.

Our grips are primarily meant for people using flat or low-profile soles, hence compatible with most of the business shoes and some sneakers.

Our product is not designed for running. It is for walking at normal pace. For running activities, spiked-shoes will offer better stability and safety.

Based on a study result published here in Finland, over 30% of people don’t protect themselves as they find currently available solutions difficult to use. We have also heard many times from people from Europe, North America, and Japan that they wouldn’t wear those visible attachable spikes to avoid looking foolish.

All these comments led us to focus on user convenience - you can wear your favourite shoes, nobody sees the grips, stepping into indoor areas is completely fine, and so is driving. Also, you won’t forget our grips at home or in your bag.

As a result, we know that some people will use our grips as a middle layer of prevention - for the times they forget spikes or won’t have time to attach them - but will generally attempt to add the extra layer in a form of metal spikes. Others will wear just our grips as an already significant upgrade to their previous habit, because there will be no inconvenience in their daily operations, nor there would be any embarrassment.

About Us

We are located in the Helsinki capital area in Finland. Our office is in Espoo where we are members of the A Grid startup community.