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Helsinki Grip™
Helsinki Grip™
Helsinki Grip™
Helsinki Grip™
Helsinki Grip™
Helsinki Grip™
Helsinki Grip™

Helsinki Grip™

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Early-Winter Pre-Orders - Secure Your Grip Now!
1. Discounted price for a limited time
2. Free worldwide shipping available
3. Deliveries to early customers in December - Before Christmas
Note: Initial pre-orders batches are sold-out and will follow the initially announced schedule. 

The Winter Grip Reinvented.

A new generation of winter grips: easy-to-install, discreet, and convenient.

Designed to fit your busy city life. Our products are made for people, like you, who care about their safety but don't want to compromise their style.

Instantly improves your stability and safety on slippery winter grounds. 

Fashionable and Discreet

☑️ Keep Your Style
Designed to be invisible when you walk, you won't feel ashamed about taking care of your safety during winter months.

More than 90% of the people we surveyed told us they would never wear spikes because they are unstylish. There is no more excuse now.

Improved Safety

☑️ Up to 7x Better Grip
Ice becomes slippery because the atoms located in the topmost layer are loosely bonded together. These atoms can then travel more easily, acting like marble balls as you step on it.

Northern Grips combine the most advanced rubber formulation that contains microscopic glass fibers acting like micro-spikes. The glass fiber efficiently connects your soles directly to the next layers of strongly bonded atoms, thus preventing the dangerous slipping behavior.


☑️ Even on flip flops!
To prove it can increase the grip of your favorite shoes instantly, we pushed the challenge even further. Gripping flip flops! (Switch the sound on, it's even better)

Convenient - Indoors and Outdoors

☑️ Designed For The Daily Use
Install once. Use it throughout the winter, anywhere, anytime. Don't worry about removing it when stepping inside. It's already there when stepping outside.

☑️ Driving Compatible
Did you know 20% of all slip and fall accidents related to ice and snow happen in parking lots? With Helsinki Grip™, you are ready as soon as you step out of your car. It will not bother you while you drive.

What People Say

"This grip is actually amazing!" 

"We definitely need this in Canada." 

"I never use spikes but I will certainly try Helsinki Grip this winter." 

Installation & Compatibility

☑️ Easy & Quick Installation
Install your Helsinki Grip in the comfort of your home. Properly clean your soles, and in a few steps, your shoes are upgraded with ultra-grip.

☑️ No need for additional glue. Ready-to-use 3M's ultra-performant low-temperature adhesive can withstand the harshest winter conditions.

When winter ends, you can choose to let them on as it won't affect your comfort during the summer, or you can also remove them.


☑️ For Women & Men
Two models are available, for both women's and men's shoes. Their shapes are based on the design of hundreds of the most common dress shoes on the market.


☑️ Compatible With Flat Soles / Low Tread Soles
We designed Helsinki Grip™ to fit most dress shoes and improve their grip. Also compatible with certain types of sneakers. 

☑️ Fits Multiple Shoe Sizes
Designed to fit different shoe sizes. You don't need to worry about the size selection when ordering.

The design consists of multiple elements to fit virtually any size of shoes. They can be split and positioned in key areas of your outsole and provide an efficient grip while maintaining excellent walking comfort. 

Designed in Finland. Patent-pending.

Northern Grips is a company based in Helsinki, Finland. 
Products are made in China.
Packagings are made in Finland. 

What is in the box

- 1 kit of Helsinki Grip winter grip soles extension (left & right)
- Placement instructions
Shoes displayed in the product pictures are not included :)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Great and safe customer experience is our priority - not just because everybody says that, but because winter comes every year. And we'd be glad to see you again!
Development and testing of our grips took months to make sure it's worth the investment. In the unlikely event that our product doesn't meet your expectations, please reach out to us at, and please read our Refund Policy. We will do our best to resolve the case.

Pre-order Notice

The production is currently running, current pre-order shipments will start early-December. The expected delivery at the customer's door is estimated by mid-December, before Christmas. We always keep our customers informed regularly about their orders.


Orders placed before the 6th of October are following the previously announced schedule with delivery by mid/late-November.

Orders placed before the 13th of October will be delivered by late-November/early-December.


While Northern Grips significantly improve your traction on ice and snow, it cannot prevent all slip and fall accidents on every surface. Users are encouraged to always keep a safe and steady walking pace, as you would do without any traction support. Careful walking habits are the best way to minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents. Helsinki Grip does not replace the use of crampons, spikes, or ice skates.

Some sole materials may provide lesser adhesion, such as genuine leather soles.

When removing the grips, some glue residue might be left on the sole.

Can damage some types of floors such as soft wooden floors.